The Battle of the Seine was a battle between the Franks and the invading Norse fleet. The Franks, having build two forts at the moutyh of the Sene following Rollo's advice in order to block the Vikings' way to Paris, met the invading Norsemen with volleys of bolts that did great damage. When their longships managed to slip past the forts, Rollo and his men swung a huge chain that was hudden underwater and that caught the Viking's rear, while using catapults and flamed arrows to destroy the ships. The result was an astounding victory for the Franks and a severe defeat for the Danes, who lost hundreds of men and retreated back to their camp, which in the meantime had been devastated by a surprise Frankish attack.


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Earl Lagertha leads forces of Hedeby against the riverforts of duke Rollo


Duke Rollo leads the defence of the Seine