Your brother, Ragnar, is coming! Ragnar will avenge us!

– Eirik to Rollo

Eirik was a Viking Warrior who was the lieutenant of Rollo in the camp in Frankia.

Biography Edit

Season 4 Edit

Coming to Paris to meet Rollo after his marriage with the Frankish princess Gisla, Eirik warns his leader of discontent of a part of the other men, with at least half of them not wanting to fight Ragnar for the Franks. Eirik then asked the new Duke of Normandy to come to the camp to talk to his people.

Later, as Rollo arrived to the Viking camp outside Paris, he ambushed his warriors, using his new Frank troops using crossbows and led by Roland to kill the vikings and their families. Eirik saw his wife and son being killed, before being killed himself but not before having told Rollo that his treachery will not be forgotten and that Ragnar will avenge them.

Appearances Edit

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