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Freyja ("lady sovereign/supreme") is one of the major goddesses of Norse Mythology. She is second only to Frigg and the mightiest of the Vanir. Freyja is the goddess of love, sexuality, war, death and seidr. Freyja is in many aspects the feminine counterpart of Odin. Her brother is Freyr.

She is the primal völva and the one that taught Odin the art of seidr, and is also the leader of the valkyries. Half of the dead taken by the valkyries belong to her and she receives the dead noble women and shieldmaidens. She has many ways of traveling. Sometimes she rides a cart driven by her two cats or rides her great boar. She also takes the shape of a falcon, a shape she may lend to any one. Freyja is the most beautiful of the goddesses and desired by both gods, giants and dwarfs.

Lagertha invokes her when she tries to cleanse Ragnar's wound and when training her sheildmaidens. When Porunn dispairs, Aslaug tells her to turn to Freyja for guidence. 

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