Guthrum is the son of the late Jarl Borg and his ex-spouse Torvi. As Torvi was pregnant with Guthrum, his father, Borg was killed by Ragnar.

After Torvi married Bjorn, Guthrum was raised by his stepfather in Kattegat and became loyal to the family of his father's killer.

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Season 3 Edit

Some time after his birth, Guthrum became the step-son of Erlendur, when the prince whose father was also killed by Ragnar married Torvi. The family settled in Hedeby, with the abusive Erlendur plotting with Einar and Kalf to see the end of King Ragnar and his family.

Season 4 Edit


Guthrum listens Lagertha.

Later, Torvi, tired of Erlendur's abuses accepted to follow her lover, Bjorn, to Kattegat and to leave her husband. However, as she was preparing to follow Bjorn with her son, the cruel Erlendur stated that it was his right to keep Guthrum with him and Torvi was forced to leave him in Hedeby under the care of Lagertha, who promised to keep him safe.

Erlendur then used Guthrum as an unknowingly hostage, secretly threatening to kill him if Torvi do not accept to be his spy in Ragnar's household. Not long after, Lagertha, who was praying on Kalf tomb, tells Guthrum that she had to leave to raid Paris again and for him to keep his friends close while she was away because many would die before their time and the rest would eventually betray him.

During the second raid on Paris, Erlendur tries to force Torvi to assassinate Bjorn by threatening again to kill Guthrum. However, she decide to kill him instead to save Bjorn and to secure Guthrum's life from his abusive step-father.

9 years later Guthrum is seen living with his Mother and his Stepfather, Bjorn along with his two half brothers Erik and Refil, He is seen waiting with Bjorn and his mother Torvi watching Harald Finehair arrival in Kattegat.

Season 5 Edit

By season 5, he is growing into a young man of a will of his own. Initially interested in joining Floki's expedition to Iceland, he is chosen as cheif of the new settlement along with Eyvind, Ketjill and Aud. Upon realising that he can't go to Valhalla and meet his father in a land with no war, he betrays Floki and the expedition.

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  • Guthrum is the name of a prominent Danish/Viking chieftain who was, alongside the brothers Ubba and Ivar Ragnarsson, one of the early leaders of the Great Heathen Army in England. Guthrum would later take over East Anglia and declare himself its king. He would also be the one Viking warlord who came the closest to conquering the Kingdom of Wessex.
  • As the only living son of the late Jarl Borg of Gotland, Guthrum is likely a scion of the Yflings or Wulfings dynasty, whom ruled over the Geatish and Gutnish lands in Scandinavia. Additionally, it is believed that a seperate branch of this aristocratic clan, called the Wuffingas, both founded and ruled the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia. A kingdom which would one day be ruled by a Norse chieftain named Guthrum.

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