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Portrayed by Ruby O'Leary
Gyda c1
Full name: Gyda Ragnarsdottir
Status: Deceased
Age: 12
Manner of Death: Affected by the plague
Home: Scandinavia
Parents: Ragnar Lothbrok (father)
Lagertha (mother)
Siblings: Bjorn (brother)
Ubbe (half-brother)
Hvitserk (half-brother)
Sigurd (half-brother)
Ivar (half-brother)
Magnus (half-brother)
Relatives: Rollo (uncle)
Siggy (niece)
Character Information
First appearance: Rites of Passage
Latest appearance: All Change
Appearance Count: 9
Dear child, Gyda, you are not gone because you are always in my heart. They say that a man must love his sons more, but a man can be jealous of his sons, and his daughter can always be the light in his life.

Ragnar, Brother's War

Gyda is the late daughter of Ragnar and Lagertha who perished during the plague.

Biography Edit

Gyda is the kind and gentle daughter of two famous Viking warriors in their society, who is just starting to learn the ways of the Vikings. She is first seen hunting eels with her mother, the famous shield-maiden Lagertha. Later in the series, Gyda tells her mother that she has started bleeding; Lagertha says that she is now a woman and no longer a child, but asks to cradle her onece passed away. Gyda had quickly become attached to Athelstan upon his arrival at Ragnar's farm. Though Lagertha outwardly shows little emotion, perhaps in being strong for the afflicted community, it's clear her heart is broken as she places Gyda's body on a funeral pyre and burns it.

Some time later, after an extended absence from the village negotiating and waging war on behalf of King Horik, Ragnar mourns his lost daughter. While usually appearing obsessed with having sons, it's evident that Ragnar dearly loved his departed Gyda, and is heartbroken as he sits alone in the spot where her funeral pyre burned on the shore of the fjord, speaking of her as if she were physically present.

Appearances Edit

Season one appearances
Rites of Passage Wrath of the Northmen Dispossessed
Trial Raid Burial of the Dead
A King's Ransom Sacrifice All Change

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