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Portrayed by Jouko Ahola
Hakon c1
Status: Deceased
Home: Kattegat
Allegiance: Ragnar Lothbrok
Livelihood: Warrior
Character Information
First appearance: Wrath of the Northmen
Latest appearance: Trial
Appearance Count: 3

Kauko is one of the first warriors who sailed west with Ragnar Lothbrok to England.


History Edit

After the storm has passed in Wrath of the Northmen, Kauko is among the men who are still rowing the ship. One of them begins to freak out and pleads to Kauko and Leif that they were "persuaded by madmen and fools". Kauko, visibly bothered, asks him to shut up. He is later seen celebrating and being patted by Torstein when they hear seagulls in the sky.

Kauko was killed in Trial during the battle against King Aelle's men on the shore of Northumbria, when the Vikings began to break ranks and fight outside the shield wall. Kauko had just put down another soldier when another caught him by surprise. Lagertha witnessed his death, causing her to command that the shield wall be reformed. Driven by anger, the Northmen brought down their enemies faster and more viciously. While burying him, along with three others and a horse, Rollo told them not to grieve for or pity him as the valkyries were taking him to Valhalla and he would soon be dining with the gods. Still, Erik proclaimed that his death, done in the name of King Aelle, must be avenged as he was his kinsman. Ragnar, who agreed that Kauko must now be happier than they were, also agreed that King Aelle will pay someday when the gods will it. He then proceeds to kill their captive, and later the king's brother, instead.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Kauko was initially named Hakon.
  • Kauko was said by Erik to have been his kinsman, and swore vengeance on King Aelle for Kauko's death.
  • As Kauko is a name of Finnish origin (and was played by Finnish actor Jouko Ahola), it could be surmised that Kauko is either descended from the Sami nomads from the mountainous interior of Scandinavia, or that he could be in part descended from the Finnish-based Kvens tribe, who were known to compete for resources against the Norse people of Sweden and Norway.

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