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Pope Leo IV is the current Pope and head of the Christianity, residing in Rome. He is portrayed by John Kavanagh the same actor who portrays the The Seer, curiously like a nemesis to each other as both Religious authorities.

Biography Edit

Season 4 Edit

He appears in episode 9, Death All 'Round, when Aethelwulf, Alfred and Prudentius visit Rome on a pilgrimage, sent by King Ecbert. When they arrive, the Pope shows one of the greatest treasures they have in Rome to Alfred, a thorn from the crown the pagans put on Jesus Christ. Later, he gifts Alfred with a sword, so he can cast out all his enemies. He then crowns Alfred a consul of Rome, just like Caesar, preparing him for whichever future God prepared for him.

Appearances Edit

Season four appearances
A Good Treason Kill the Queen Mercy Yol Promised
What Might Have Been The Profit and the Loss Portage Death All 'Round The Last Ship
The Outsider The Vision Two Journeys In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning All His Angels
Crossings The Great Army Revenge On the Eve The Reckoning

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