Abbot Lupus was a Frank monk who served as the tutor of Rollo, teaching him to speak and read the Frankish language, as well as the customs of the Frankish nobility.

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During the initial lessons, Rollo became frustrated and actually tore up several pages and then threw Abbot Lupus over a table. Despite this incident, Abbot Lupus continued to administer lessons to Rollo who succeeded in learning the language.

He was present when the papal legate arrived to serve the papers of annulment.

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  • Abbot Lupus is based on Lupus Servatus a Benedictine monk and Abbot of Ferrières, during the Carolingian dynasty, who was also a member of Emperor Charles II the Bald's court and a noted theological author of the 9th century. He is sometimes regarded as the first humanist of the Early Middle Ages because of the quality of his literary style, his love of learning, and his work as a scribe and textual critic.

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