Mercia is an Anglo-Saxon kingdom located in England. Centrally located, it is in-between the Kingdoms of Wessex and Northumbria.

In Vikings Edit

Although formerly considered the strongest of the three principal English Kingdoms, Mercia has recently been weakened by a civil war over the rights of succession of Queen Kwenthrith.

Queen Kwenthrith was dethroned by the royal council of Mercia. The queen and Magnus have been imprisoned. After being rescued by Aethelwulf.

King Ecbert returns after victory over the royal council of Mercia. He tells Kwenthrith that she is no longer Queen, as he's been sworn in King of Mercia.

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This kingdom is ruled by King Alfred. The heir of the kingdom is the Prince Aethelred .

The court of Mercia was composed:

Former, deceased members of the court:

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List of ruler of Kingdom of Mercia: