Harald Finehair on his ship, with yellow-red sheilds featuring Vegvísir (anachronistacly since it dates from Iceland's early modern period). Note that red and yellow are the colors of Vestfold and the royal house of Norway.

A Norse house (or clan) is a group of common social descent and kinship in Scandinavia. This social structure preceded the viking age, lasted after the viking age into the early modern, where it declined with the coming of centralised states. Typically in the viking age Norse houses had a suffix such as -ung or -ing. Usually the houses of the viking age where named after a famous ancestor. Mostly the house would be named after a man, but if the ancestral mother's name carried more prestige the house would take that woman's name.

Known Houses Edit


The standard of the House of Haraldsson.

  • House of Lothbrok - The house of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok. They have adopted red and black as their colors and carry a raven as their symbol. They are the most powerful and renowned of all the Norse houses due to the exploits of their founder and members. Branched out from the House of Ynglinga.
  • House of Haraldson - The house of Earl Haraldson of Kattegat. Their colors are red and black, which they carry on their shields and banners.
  • House of Sigfred † - The house of King Horik. Their symbol was a serpent and their colors green and black.
  • House of Finehair - They are a branch of the house of Yngling, one of the oldest, most powerful and oldest houses. Their claimed ancestor is the god Freyr, sometimes called Yng or Ing. Their founder and patriarch is Harald "Finehair". Their symbol is a stag and their color is yellow and red, which they carry on their sheilds.
  • House of Björnsson - The house of Kjetill 'Flatnose'. This family has sailed from Kattegat and landed on Iceland when led by Floki. They are not a noble family nor do they have banners, but they are a large one. The House of Björnsson feud with Eyvind and his family. While Kjetill and his kin share Floki's vision, not all houses feel the same.