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Northumbria is an Anglo-Saxon kingdom located in northern England and south-eastern Scotland.

In Vikings Edit

It is the weakest of the three main English kingdoms (Northumbria, Mercia and Wessex). It is ruled by King Aelle, with his son, Prince Ecgberht, serving as its heir. The kingdom is notable for being the setting of the first western raid by the infamous Northman and then-Earl Ragnar Lothbrok. The monastery of Lindisfarne is located within the Kingdom of Northumbria, and Athelstan was born and raised within the kingdom.

Northumbria currently has a military alliance with the Kingdom of Wessex, under King Ecbert.

However, following the defeat of King Aelle and his subsequent execution by the sons of Ragnar, it remains unclear if the kingdom still exists, or was taken over by the Northmen.

Description Edit

This kingdom is ruled by King Aelle. The heir of the kingdom is the Prince Ecgberht.

The court of Northumbria is composed:

Former members of the court:

Former, deceased members of the court:

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