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Priests of Uppsala

Pagan Priests, called hofgothi, are the of ministers of the norse gods. A hofgothi denotes specificly someone of takes care of the temples of the gods, while a regular gothi simply denotes a person who leads religious cermonies. This would usually be the cheif, earl or king. In the sacrifices at Uppsala, king Horik leads the sacrifice with the assistance of the local priests.

Appearance Edit

The priests have shaved heads with ritualscars. They also paint their lips, eyes and upper ears black. The Seer wears similar make-up.


The high priest in the shadow of Odin

In Vikings Edit

The pagan priest first appears in Sacrifice, administring the religious feast. The high Priest of Uppsala questions Athelstan and asks him to deny the christian god three times. The high priest is suspicious and discovers that Athelstan carries a crucifix. The priests seem to have knowlage enough of christianity to know their iconography, which many norsemen seemed to be somewhat unfamiliar with at the time. The priests then sacrifice various animals and offers their blood of the gods. Later they hang the sacrificed animals and men in the sacred groove around the temple. In Brother's War, a priest prepares and feeds Rollo and jarl Borg psychadelic mushrooms. In Yol, priests leads the celebration of the midwinter sacrifices.



Trivia Edit

  • In some sources, it was considered unmanly for men to take part in magic, or seidr. This was touched upon in the script of the original script of the first episode, where the priests where specified as homosexuals. Possibly it was meant to show how outsiders where handled in viking-Scandinavia.