Father Prudentius was a Frank monk who served as the secretary of King Ecbert of Wessex. Prudentius translated old latin texts for the king and also taught his knowledge to Judith.

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Season 4 Edit

Prudentius is invited to the Court of Wessex to be a teacher and a mentor to Princess Judith. Although he doesn't know it until he meets her and seems unwilling to teach a women. Although Prudentius is reluctant to teach Judith he is convinced to do so by Bishop Edmund, who gives the example of Mary Magdalene being accepted among Jesus followers.

At the same time Prudentius also prove the other priests to have a knowledge of wine tasting. Although tasting and spitting the wine looks strange at first, he explains it's the way they taste wine in Frankia, and if the do not spit they would be always drunk.

Later he accompanies Aethelwulf and Alfred during their pilgrimage to Rome. and with them meets Pope Leo.

Trivia Edit

  • Prudentius is based on Prudentius of Troyes a monk and bishop of Troyes, he left Spain in his youth and came to the Frankish Empire, where he changed his name from Galindo to Prudentius. He was educated at the Palatine School, At the court of Emperor Louis I "the Pious".
  • Prudentius' approximate birthplace may have been located in the Marca Hispanica, the Frankish-governed frontier-region south of the Pyrenees Mountains which was organized by Charlemagne to serve as a buffer zone between his realm and the Islamic Caliphate of Cordoba.

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