Beach battle

The vikings battled a small Northumbrian army when they landed on the beach.

The raid was featured in season 1 episode 4. Athelstan told Ragnar about a small town near Lindisfarne, called Hexham, and he decided to go there and raid it. He asks permission to Earl Haraldson, but the earl imposes a condition: Knut, a man the earl can trust and also his half-brother, must go with the crew. This time, Lagertha also participated in the raid. The rest of the crew was the same in Lindisfarne.

When the group arrives in Northumbria, they are met by a small army on the beach (episode 3). The Sheriff asks if they are traders, and Ragnar tries to talk and negotiate with them, but Rollo don't trust the Northumbrians and says they are leading them into a trap or ambush. Floki then steals a neck cross to one of the soldiers, starting a fight between the vikings and the english warriors.


The small town of Hexham, near the Tyne River.

Ragnar's group defeated the saxons and captured one of their soldiers as prisioner, but one of them escaped on a horse. The prisioner led the vikings to Hexham, a small town in Northumbria. Rollo was impatient (as always) and urged to attack, but Ragnar said they would attack tomorrow because it was Sunday and they could attack them during mass.

Hexham 2

Hexham is a small town, but bigger than most villages and hamlets.

The next day, the raiders attacked the town in the morning while most of its populace was attenting mass. They managed to sneak in and attacked the church by surprise. Ragnar told the priest to not resist. The vikings then pillaged everything in the church, and Floki killed the priest. Rollo broke into a house and saw and old man lying on the bed, who was naturally afraid of Rollo. Instead of killing the old man, Rollo gave him water, and then took the kettle. Knut entered a house and saw a woman protecting her son. He started to rape her, but was stopped by Lagertha. Knut then tried to rape Lagertha, but she killed him in self-defense.

Hexham 3

Ragnar and Rollo climbing the town's walls.

Later, the group ran away back to their boat, and Ragnar asked about Knut. Lagertha answered that she killed him, because he raped a saxon and then tried to rape her.

When the crew arrived to their boat to go back home, they met with an undesired surprise...

Lagertha kills knut

Lagertha kills Knut during the raid when he tried to rape her.

Raid 1

The vikings sneaking inside the village.

Hexham raid

Floki taking the church's altar main cross.