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Portrayed by Clive Standen
Rollo c1
Status: Alive
Livelihood: Viking
Significant Other/s: Siggy
Siblings: Ragnar Lothbrok (brother)
Relatives: Bjorn (nephew)
Gyda† (niece)
Ubbe (nephew)
Hvitserk (nephew)
Sigurd (nephew)
Ivar (nephew)
Character Information
Season/s: 1, 2
First appearance: "Rites of Passage"
Appearance Count: 17


Rollo is the brother of Ragnar Lothbrok. A fearsome warrior with a wild, impulsive streak, Rollo has begun to grow jealous of his increasingly prominent brother, Ragnar. Though Ragnar has promised Rollo they will always be equals, tensions constantly threaten their relationship. His loyalty is continuously tested against his own raw ambition and unfulfilled passion for Lagertha.

Much like the wolf Fenrir, who was destined to kill Odin at Ragnarök, envious Rollo, now too wild to chain, bides his time and circles his brother.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

work in progress

Season 1 Edit

work in progress

As of "A King's Ransom", Rollo has been baptized and given the Christian name Rolf. Although he does not take this seriously, he takes considerable chiding from Floki for offending their Norse gods, but it truth remains as staunch a pagan as any of his comrades.

Season 2 Edit

In "Brother's War", Rollo fought with Jarl Borg against his brother Ragnar and King Horik . During the battle, Rollo critically injured Floki and killed Arne, impaling him with a spear and almost superhumanly lifting him skyward above the fray, although Arne's death struck Rollo with some guilt for striking down his former comrade. When Rollo was confronted by Ragnar for face-to-face combat, Rollo could not bring himself to fight his brother and surrendered, thereby ending the battle between the two forces. Ragnar, King Horik and Borg then struck an uneasy alliance to go on raids together in the West, and Rollo was taken captive, to be judged for his betrayal of the men from Kattegat. "Not that you'd care, brother," said Ragnar to his captive brother, "but your niece, Gyda, is dead."

Although the villagers wanted him to be sentenced to death, the Law-Giver, bribed by Ragnar with a piece of Saxon gold, announced that he had decided to spare Rollo, because if the Gods wanted him dead, he would have died already in battle. Rollo indirectly apologized to Ragnar by telling him that he merely wanted to step out of his shadow, but he found no sunlight when he did. Feeling humiliated, Rollo decided to leave Kattegat, although Siggy, his lover, convinced him to stay.

In "Invasion", four years later, Rollo has descended into self-destructive behaviour. He is found by Siggy sleeping outside in the snow, apparently more the worse for wear from drinking. She wakes him up by throwing cold water in his face. She tells Rollo he has become a disgrace. The only way Roll can restore his honor is by asking forgiveness from Ragnar and permission to raid with his brother in England. In a private meeting with Ragnar, he asks to be included in the raiding party. Ragnar acknowledge Rollo has suffered, but other people has suffered much more because of what he has done. Ragnar needs to think about forgiving Rollo and will give his decision later. King Horik and Jarl Borg arrives in Kattegat to have a meeting with Ragnar for their raid in the West. Rollo enters to ask Ragnar's decision. Ragnar accepts him back as his brother, but forbids him to go raiding with them. Rollo halfheartedly accepts this decision. At the feast in the hall of Earl Ragnar with Horik and Borg, Rollo is sitting solemnly with them. Jarl Borg, having been told King Horik does not want to raid with him, tries to lure Rollo back to his side but is only met with a punch in his face. When the fleet of Ragnar and King Horik sail to England, Rollo watches from a distance angrily throws his ax in the direction of the departing ships.

However, despite his personal problems with Ragnar, Rollo does his best to defend Kattegat against Jarl Borg when he comes for revenge. Unfortunately with many of Kattegat's young men on a raid with Ragnar, Rollo is forced to retreat and save Ragnar's wife and children from Jarl Borg's wrath.

Rollo leads his brother's family and Siggy to a farm where they awaits the winter. He travels from town to town in search for people willing to fight Jarl Borg before Ragnar returns. Despite finding too few warriors for an open battle against Borg's men, Siggy is happy to see Rollo finally believes in something worth living for. Led by Floki's lover Helga, Ragnar and his men make their way to the farm, where he is reunited with his family and brother. Ragnar tells he wants to destroy Jarl Borg, but Rollo says they have to few men to do so, despite his search for new warriors. However, unexpected help comes from Ragnar's ex-wife Lagertha and their son Bjorn, now grown up, who brought a small band of warriors from Hedeby.

Rollo is surprised and happy to see Lagertha back, possibly due to his previous feelings for her. After setting the winter supplies of Kattegat on fire to draw Jarl Borg out, Ragnar and his new forces manage to drive the Jarl out of Kattegat. After the battle, Rollo compliments his nephew Bjorn, but Ragnar harshly says his son has much to learn. Back in the village of Kattegat, Rollo is about to sacrifice a slave man to Odin when Ragnar tells him to stop, only to hand over the axe to Bjorn, somewhat to Rollo's surprise.

Siggy asks Rollo if he still loves Lagertha. He replies he does in some way, but that he has put it in the past. 

A messenger informs Ragnar that King Horik and his son barely escaped an attack from King Ecbert's forces. When King Horik himself arrives in Kattegat, he wishes to attack Wessex again to punish King Ecbert. Ragnar and Rollo agrees, but the Earl wants to deal with Jarl Borg first. King Horik understands Ragnar but he says that they need Borg's men and ships if they are to go to Wessex again. He says that Rollo should go to Götaland to ask Jarl Borg to restore the alliance between himself, Ragnar and King Horik. At his departure from Kattegat, Siggy, King Horik and even Torstein, the man who wished Rollo to be executed earlier, whishes him succes on his journey.

When Rollo arrives in Götaland and meets Jarl Borg, they sit at a table with a cloth covering something. When Rollo asks what it is, Jarl Borg reveals it is the skull of his first wife, who he still asks for advice. Rollo says Ragnar wants Borg to join the alliance again, as unlike Borg and himself, Ragnar looks beyond revenge and is a practical man: Ragnar and King Horik needs Borg's help to raid in Wessex. Jarl Borg asks the skull if he should go, before kissing it intensely, and says he should go.

Rollo returns to Kattegat on board of Jarl Borg's ship. At a feast in the Earl's hall, Jarl Borg confronts Ragnar while Rollo curiously observes from a distance. During the night, Rollo, Torstein, Floki and other men from Kattegat locks Borg's men inside the barn and set it on fire to burn them alive. They seize Jarl Borg in his bedroom. Rollo seems to enjoy watching as Floki and Torstein savagely beat the Jarl up. Alarmed by the commotion, King Horik enters the Earl's hall to ask Ragnar what is going on. Rollo and the other men drag Jarl Borg inside and drop him on the ground before Ragnar. Ragnar says he cannot forgive Jarl Borg for what he has done to his family and will take revenge by carving a blood eagle on his back.

King Horik asks Ragnar to postpone the execution of Jarl Borg, as they still have no new ally to help them in their raids. Rollo asks Horik if Ragnar should reprieve Jarl Borg after all he has done, to which the King replies the execution might discourage and deter any possible allies from joining them. Rollo resents Ragnar constantly doing King Horik's bidding, to which Ragnar replies Horik is the King.

A messenger from a possible new ally confronts Rollo, saying he has news Ragnar wants to hear. Later, he tells Siggy they found a new ally, someone called Earl Ingstad. When they are having sex, Rollo starts to hurt Siggy, asking him why she has sex with King Horik. She tells him she does it for him, as King Horik and Ragnar are allies now but eventually will fight each other, and Rollo will have to choose between them.

When Jarl Borg is subjected to the blood eagle, Rollo watches along with the rest of the people of Kattegat and seems to be affected at the end.

Personality Edit

Wild and impulsive, Rollo is capable of warmth and selflessness. More often than not, however, he hides this side of himself from public view.

Appearances Edit

Season one appearances
Rites of Passage Wrath of the Northmen Dispossessed
Trial Raid Burial of the Dead
A King's Ransom Sacrifice All Change
Season two appearances
Brother's War Invasion Treachery Eye For an Eye Answers in Blood
Unforgiven Blood Eagle Boneless The Choice The Lord's Prayer

Trivia Edit

  • Rollo's tattoo depicts Fenrir's sons, Hatí (hate) and Sköll (treachery), chasing the sun and the moon — a scene from Norse Mythology.
  • Rollo's social status in Kattegat may be that of a Thegn or a Hersir, assuming he possesses actual land-holdings like his brother Ragnar. The authority he wielded in the defence of Kattegat during the attack by Jarl Borg may attest to this.
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