Scandinavia is the region in Northern Europe where the vikings come from and live. It is divided in 3-4 different subregions (now countries), which are Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Finland is sometimes also included due to geographical proximity, although they do not share the norse heritage and culture like the other three.

Map of Scandinavia

The Scandinavian Peninsula. Note how Denmark, Norway and Sweden are in red but Finland in orange. Iceland and Faroe Islands are also in orange due to having norse heritage and culture, but are not located in Scandinavia.

In Vikings, there are many scenes in Scandinavia and many settlements, like Kattegat and Hedeby, are also located here.


A map showing modern day countries in Scandinavia and in its borders.

Scandinavia is divided in subregions:

Between these regions there are many small islands. At this time, the Scandinavian Peninsula was divided in several petty and warring kingdoms and earldoms. The landscape is mainly forests, plains and fjords near the coast. It has a very cold weather, with most of the winter snowing. However, in summer, the temperature rises and there's plenty of sun. The wildlife is mainly composed of bears, wolves, stags, elks, beavers, lynxes, oxes, some horses (not much), hedgehogs, ducks, foxes, hares, squirrels, bisons, owls and boars. The norsemen use lots of domesticated animals in their daily life, like pigs, cows, goats, chickens, donkeys, etc.

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A Scandinavian fjord.

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Scandinavian wildlife.

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A Scandinavian mountain.

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Scandinavian landscape.

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Scandinavian landscape.

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Götaland landscape.

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Scandinavian landscape.

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A Scandinavian river.

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The great ash tree in Götaland, thought by some to be Yggdrasil.

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Scandinavia during the winter.

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Scandinavia during the winter.

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Scandinavian forest, Götaland.

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Götaland, a region in Scandinavia.

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Götaland, in Sweden.

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The great temple in Uppsala, Svealand.

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