Season 5 of Vikings is set to premiere on November 29, 2017 on History in Canada and in the United States and is set to conclude later in 2018, consisting of 20 episodes. It is the first season to not feature Travis Fimmel as King Ragnar.

Like the previous season, this season will also be split into two parts

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In Norway, in the wake of the death of king Ragnar and his son Sigurd, the sons of Ragnar are in civil war. Ivar claims the title of king over the kingdom of Kattegat, supported by Hvitserk and king Harald. Ubbe sides with Lagertha against their alliance.

In England, King Aethelwulf and bishop Heahmund wage war against the Nordic invaders.

In the Mediterranean, Bjorn follows his destiny as he and Halfdan explores northern Africa.

On the Atlantic, Floki makes a discovery that will change the world of the Norsemen forever.

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  • It was officially announced on March 17, 2016, five episodes into the show's fourth season run.[1]
  • Hirst discussed Vikings and the possibility of Season 6.[2] Season 6 was confirmed.

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  • Leah McNamara as Aud "the Deep Minded"
  • Karima McAdams as Kassia
  • Khaled Abol Naga as Ziyadat Allah
  • Alicia Agnesson as Freydis
  • Erik Madsen as King Hemming
  • Markjan Winnick as King Angantyr
  • Tamaryn Payne as Widow Ordlaf
  • Albano Jerónimo as Euphemius
  • Kieran O'Reilly as White Hair
  • Laurence O'Fuarain as Hakon
  • Eve Connolly as Thora
  • Jamie Maclachlan as Aldwin

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