Siegfried was an Earl of his own lands. He appeared in Born Again when he was introduced by Kalf to Ragnar Lothbrok. He was one of the commanders in the Siege of Paris

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Season 3 Edit

Siegfried was invited by Kalf to join the Ragnar's raid on Frankia.

During the Siege of Paris he appears at the attack on the bridge. where he leads the two armored horses pushing ropes tied to two huge iron arrows fixed at the gates. He later participate of the night attack on the bridge. where he forces Sinric to go in to battle. He gave Rollo the giant iron arrows used by the horses before and he managed to stop the gigantic spiked wheel. The army was able to charge as far as the entrance of the city. He alongside Rollo, Lagertha, Kalf and Erlendur where fighting at the front. With his huge size Siegfried was able to kill many soldiers, but after attack failed the army sounded the retreat, most of the army escaped. Rollo was still able to jump over the Bridge, but Siegfried remained fighting at the front.

He, Sinric and a few warriors stayed behind after the bridge closed and were captured. Sinric told the soldiers he was an Earl and an important person. Count Odo told he could be Ransomed and they arrested him. later he and Sinric were brought in front of Charles where he showed no respect. Charles agreed to Ransom him when Gisla demanded that if Count Odo really respected her he would bring his head.

Later during his execution he asked someone to hold his hair to be a clean cut. Count Odo allowed. When he was about to be beheaded he pulled his head back making the soldier holding his hair to lose his hand. He laughed while the soldier screamed and the Frank nobles became horrified. He was eventually executed off screen at some point, as his head is later seen on a spike in one of the streets of Paris as Gisla and Count Odo walk discussing how to deal with the Vikings.

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  • Siegfried is loosely based on the Norse chief Sigfred, who was one of the commanders of the attack on Paris 885.

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Season three appearances
Mercenary The Wanderer Warrior's Fate Scarred The Usurper
Born Again Paris To the Gates! Breaking Point The Dead