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Sigurd is the third son of Ragnar and Aslaug. Through Ragnar, Sigurd is descended from the Volsungr (descendants of Odin through his great-grandson Volsung) and the Ynglings (descendants of Frey) through his mother.

In the Fourth Season, Sigurd is shown to be a precocious child who witnesses the effect a returning Harbard has over his mother and the womenfolk of Kattegat.

Biography Edit

Season 2 Edit

Aslaug had prophesied that he would be born with the image of the serpent-dragon Fafnir in his eye, the same one her father Sigurd killed. When he was born so, Aslaug named him "Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye" after her father and because of the mark on her son's eye.

Season 3 Edit

He was seen in the great halls playing with Ubbe and his other brother.

Season 4 Edit

When Ragnar embarks on his second expedition to Frankia with his two older brothers, Sigurd becomes lonely without them. The young boy notes the neglect of his niece, Siggy Bjornsdottir, and goes to ask his mother to bathe her, but comes upon Aslaug breastfeeding his younger brother Ivar (who is at least four at this time).

When Harbard returns to Kattegatt, Sigurd is the only person to resent his presence and fears the influence he has over his mother. Later, he discovers Harbard sleeping with other women in the town, and reveals this to Aslaug.

After turning Harbard out, Aslaug falls into depression. Sigurd soon finds the body of young Siggy, who had drowned in nearby creek. He finds Aslaug drinking heavily and idly playing Tafl with Ivar, who mocks his mother with her poor gamemanship, to which she drunkenly retorts that he's alive because of her. Sigurd tells his mother that young Siggy has died. Aslaug snidely replies that someone should have been looking after her (despite earlier assuring Bjorn that she would be doing just that). Ivar nastily proclaims "who cares?" Sigurd runs from the hall, upset and horrified by their indifference.

Trivia Edit

  • In the prophecy of the the Seer on children of Ragnar, Sigurd is the son marry a daughter of a king. In fact he married Blaeja, the daughter of king Aelle of Northumbria and they had two children, Harthacanute and Aslaug, who was named after her grandmother Aslaug.
  • As of the Season 2 finale, Sigurd and his brothers would be known by the Old Norse title of Budlungr or 'prince'.
  • Sigurd Ormr i Auga (Snake-in-the-Eye) would eventually inherit and rule over the island of Sjaelland in Denmark, Viken in southern Norway and the lands of Halland and Scania in southern Sweden. He was also the ancestor of a line of Danish kings such as Harthacanute, Gorm the Old, Sweyn Forkbeard and Canute the Great.
  • Sigurd is likely named for both Sigurd Hring (Ragnar Lothbrok's father) and Sigurd the Dragonslayer (Aslaug's father).

Appearances Edit

Season two appearances
Brother's War Invasion Treachery Eye For an Eye Answers in Blood
Unforgiven Blood Eagle Boneless The Choice The Lord's Prayer
Season three appearances
Mercenary The Wanderer Warrior's Fate Scarred The Usurper
Born Again Paris To the Gates! Breaking Point The Dead
Season four appearances
A Good Treason Kill the Queen Mercy Yol Promised
What Might Have Been The Profit and the Loss Portage Death All 'Round The Last Ship
The Outsider The Vision Two Journeys In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning All His Angels
Crossings The Great Army Revenge On the Eve The Reckoning

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