Stender was a Viking farmer who was among the Ragnar settlers arrived in Wessex to settle and farm the land granted by King Ecbert.


Season 3

Stender's family where among the farmers that set up a colony in Wessex. He and his son where among the few to survive Aethelwulf's massacre of the settlement. The survivors managed to escape in a ship and traveled the North Sea to Scandinavia. A storm wrecked their ship outside of Götaland and Stender's son drowned. It's unknown whether Stender was the only survivor. He then traveled to Kattegat to inform Ragnar and Floki about what happened. After finding out about the massacre, Ragnar strangled Stender to prevent focus shifting from his planned raid on Paris to the campaign of revenge that would have been demanded. Stender's story fueled Floki's hatred of Christians.

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