Swithun was the Bishop of Winchester and in charge of the Christian minster which houses the relics of Saint Birinus the Apostle of the West Saxons.

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Vikings episode3

Swithun appears when the town of Winchester was attacked by the Vikings under the leadership of King Horik and Earl Ragnar Lothbrok. Swithun threatens Athelstan with the punishment that awaits all apostates of the Christian faith. After which he is taken into the nave of the church where he is tied to a pillar before the Vikings loose arrows into him. Athelstan then decides to cut the bishops throat to put an end to his misery at the hands of his Norse captors.

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  • Swithun may have been based on the Anglo-Saxon Saint Swithun, who was also the Bishop of Winchester, though he historically lived from 800-862 CE.
  • Swithun's torture at the hands of the Northmen is based on the manner of execution of King Edmund of East Anglia, after he was captured by the Danish forces of Ivar the Boneless and Ubbe during the late 860's CE, when they tied him to a pillar in a church and loosed arrows into his body. Ivar was said to have seen a painting of the martyrdom of St Sebastian, which gave him the idea.

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