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The Sword Of Kings - THE VIKINGS SEASON 2 FINALE01:15


King Horik displaying the Sword of Kings to his son, Erlendur.

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The Sword of Kings is a ceremonial sword, signifying the power and authority of the King of the Danes. 

Whoever is the rightful monarch possesses this to symbolise his power, and is akin to spectres or regalia used by real world sovereigns.


The Sword of Kings is long, with a brown-coloured handle and hilt, and a distinctive blade.

As a ceremonial sword, it may not stand up to combat readily, though its design and presentation is more ornate than regular weaponry. 

There are also small inscriptions on the blade and hilt, possibly sacred texts or related items.


Whilst attacking Kattagat, King Horik showed the sword to his son, Erlender, saying that if the gods willed it, he would one day possess it as his son. 

After killing Horik, King Ragnar oversaw his new domain on a high cliff, symbolising his new found monarchical status.

Lagertha assumed the Sword from Aslaug, shortly before she killed her in revenge for taking Ragnar as her ex-husband.


Many cultures and kingdoms had ceremonial regalia, such as swords or other items symbolising kingship and regality. Examples include:

- The British St. Edward's Crown

- The Golden Stool of the Kingdom of Asante


The Sword of Kings


The hilt and handle of the Sword of Kings

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