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The Berserker was a roaming mercenary contracted by Erlendur and Kalf to assassinate Bjorn.

Biography Edit

Season 4 Edit

Kalf and Erlendur learn that Bjorn is isolated in the mountains. They perceive this as their moment of opportunity and devise a plan to dispatch a "Berserker" to assassinate him.

Erlendur and Kalf's meeting with the Beserker take place in the woods out of town. The Berserker says nothing, and only offers the pair a menacing grunt in acknowledgement to the terms. At the completion of the meeting, Erlendur provides the Beserker with his signet ring, given to him by his father King Horik. Stating that with the ring in the Berserkers possession no one will dare hinder him.

Although superficially wounded in the encounter, Bjorn eventually manages to outwit and subdue his opponent. He tortures the Beserker by flaying his face with fishhooks, and asking who sent him. Even through prolonged agony, the Berserker refuses to talk. Bjorn, frustrated with the lack of progress, cuts open up the Berserkers stomach and through his intestines on the snowy valley floor.

Appearances Edit

Season four appearances
A Good Treason Kill the Queen Mercy Yol Promised
What Might Have Been The Profit and the Loss Portage Death All 'Round The Last Ship
The Outsider The Vision Two Journeys In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning All His Angels
Crossings The Great Army Revenge On the Eve The Reckoning

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