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The Vikings-English wars are a series of ongoing conflicts on the island of Britain.

Early attacks on Northumbria 793-794Edit

Lindisfarne 793 Edit

The conflict began with Ragnar Lothbrok's raid on the Monastery of Lindisfarne.

Raid on Hexham 793 Edit

Ragnar would return later that year to raid Hexham, the Northumbrians tried to counter attack but were defeated at Whitley Bay.

794 raid Edit

Ragnar would return again in 794 with 3 ships, traveling across the river Tyne. The campaign began well with the defeat and capture of the King's brother Aethelwulf. Ragnar uses the King's brother to bargain, the king asks Ragnar to wait so he can collect what he wants. Ragnar agrees but it's a trick and is attacked. But defeats the English and kills the king's brother.

Battles in Wessex 800 Edit

Horik's English Campaign Edit

The army of king Horik landed in Wessex due a storm. Despite starting out well, they were later defeated at the Battle of Wessex. Later Ecbert offers the Northmen land and gold in exchange of helping Kwenthrith gain control of Mercia and stop their attempts at invasion. The Northmen agreed.

Battle of Mercia 803 Edit

Ragnar returns to Britain and helps Kwenthrith fight her family.

Mercia Landing Battle Edit

The first battle they kill Kwenthrith's uncle, king Brihtwulf.

Battle of the Hill of the Ash Edit

Kwenthrith's brother Burgred surrenders, ending the civil war.

Ragnar returns 815 Edit

Ragnar and a hand full of survivors wash up on the beach after a storm. Ragnar and his son kill the rest of the survivors and hand themselves over to Wessex. King Ebcert does not kill Ragnar and hands him over to King Aelle where he is tortured and killed.

Great Heathen Army 816 Edit

Battle of York

Battle of Repton

Army Assessments Edit

Northmen Edit

Due to the tough environments of Scandinavia and their warrior culture, the Northmen were both Physically and Physiologically stronger than their English counterparts. The Northmen took great pleasure from fighting and causing pain onto others, this would damage English morale and flee at the mere sight of Northman.

English Edit

Due to their pious ways, the English were less keen on fighting than the Northman and were not as good fighters. The English were much less willing to commit violent acts in order to win.

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