Ziyadat Allah is the Emir of Ifriqiya.


Zidayat is a powerful mohameddan warlord of North Africa who meets with Bjorne Ironside and attempts to trade with the Vikings. When he realizes euphemius betrays him, he butchers the Greek admiral and serves his arm as a delicacy to Bjorne and his men before seizing the Vikings for execution.

Season 5

Before Bjorne and halfdan the black can be executed, sandstorm hits zidayat’s grounds, and the Vikings fight their way through. The Vikings later return to avenge the Mohammedans by plundering Baghdad, home to the mighty caliph of the abassids themselves.


Season five appearances
The Departed Part 1 The Departed Part 2 Homeland The Plan The Prisoner
The Message Full Moon The Joke A Simple Story Moments of Vision
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